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Create a Wallet

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You can hodl CSPR Token via CasperLabs's Signer or Ledger. More wallets are planned for the future.

CasperLabs Signer

CasperLabs Signer: supported on Chrome/Brave browser and other Chromium core versions.
Step 1: Download CasperLabs Signer
Step 2: Pin CasperLabs Signer in Extensions
Step 3: Select Reset Vault
Step 4: Set a Password for your Vault then Select CREATE VAULT
Step 5: Account
* To create a new account, select CREATE ACCOUNT (2)
* To recover an existing account, select IMPORT ACCOUNT (1)
* To create a new account, select CREATE ACCOUNT (2)
  • Set your account name
  • Select ED25519 --> PublicKey starting with 01
  • PublicKey is your address (used to receive CSPR Token)
  • SecretKey is the secret key to recover the account (need to store it carefully and not let anyone know about it)
Note: Another backup operation is to download ActiveKey by clicking on the menu bar (3 dashes) and selecting Download Active Key
After Download Active Key, there will be 3 files, in which *_secret_key.p file should be carefully stored and used to recover the account.
Step 6: Login wallet - select IMPORT ACCOUNT (1)
  • Upload *_secret_key.p file
  • Set Name imported account