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This site contains a summary of the Casper Network based on publicly available information.πŸ‘
Please visit for official Casper Network documentation. πŸ‘
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You can hodl CSPR Token via CasperLabs's Signer or Ledger. More wallets are planned for the future.

CasperLabs Signer

CasperLabs Signer: supported on Chrome/Brave browser and other Chromium core versions.
Step 1: Download CasperLabs Signer​
Step 2: Pin CasperLabs Signer in Extensions
Step 3: Select Reset Vault
Step 4: Set a Password for your Vault then Select CREATE VAULT
Step 5: Account
* To create a new account, select CREATE ACCOUNT (2)
* To recover an existing account, select IMPORT ACCOUNT (1)
* To create a new account, select CREATE ACCOUNT (2)
    Set your account name
    Select ED25519 --> PublicKey starting with 01
    PublicKey is your address (used to receive CSPR Token)
    SecretKey is the secret key to recover the account (need to store it carefully and not let anyone know about it)
Note: Another backup operation is to download ActiveKey by clicking on the menu bar (3 dashes) and selecting Download Active Key
After Download Active Key, there will be 3 files, in which *_secret_key.p file should be carefully stored and used to recover the account.
Step 6: Login wallet - select IMPORT ACCOUNT (1)
    Upload *_secret_key.p file
    Set Name imported account
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